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Earth Creation 1000 Year project

Today, we will announce Earth Creation’s future vision. Please share any comments and questions you may have.


  • Changing Reality by Changing Awareness

The world’s population reached 7 billion in 2017. This means that the number of human beings has more than doubled in the last 60 years. Our fast-growing populace is depleting the Earth’s energy. 

The gods entrusted with watching over the earth are deliberating on whether they should allow humans to continue to live.

While observing us, they have sent many messages, and have revealed to us that the last judgement will take place in 2023, referred to as “2023 Judgement Day”.

I was able to see what the future would be if the governing gods decided “not to allow humans to live on”. In my vision, I saw that humans are to be wiped out within the next 300 years.



I founded the “Earth Creation 1000 Year Project” to prevent this future. The Gods of the Universe have allowed us the infinite power of creation for the 6 million years since we came into existence.

The society we have today is the result of this.   As long as we come to the realization that the problems on our planet are in fact because of our own creations, then is it not a sure thing that the course of human beings will change for the better?

Japan’s culture of “wa” cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The very fact that we have created such a culture, shows that the Japanese were destined to design a new concept of living, turning Earth into a planet of love and spreading that to the rest of the world.


 If you want to protect what you love, then you must be prepared to change your values. Now more than ever is the time when society and families must do this.

We need to reflect human and family values from deep within, and in so doing apologize to the gods of nature for everything humans have done. By doing this we may be allowed to live and coexist with the natural world.

Children are already creating these new values. The youth of today can see the way adults live, and it fills them with dread.

There is great concern for the future when looking at existing issues such as the declining birthrate and the aging population crisis. When the inevitable widespread famine comes, we will be forced to eat synthetic foods.

As adults we must quickly change both our awareness and behavior, meaning that we need to let go of many of our previous principles. Although many of us will feel lost and confused by this, if we do not create these “new values,” then our children will be unable to protect themselves.

The nation will fall and the values we want to protect will rapidly crumble. “Earth Creation 1000 Year Project” is a program that is designed to create a society and values that allow mankind to live on Earth for more than another 1,000 years.

That is why we are working to create these entirely new values.

These new values that we propose are the sharing of resources and a new way of living for families that goes beyond the concept of what a family is today.

Our goal is to change our reality in order to reach the new values that benefit the world. Let us reach this new reality together through acknowledgement and cooperation! Please join our program.


●Family and beyond the individual

 Japanese people have long since been innovators in establishing a way of living in which we come together and help one other.

The idea of sharing foods and the principle that extends beyond the boundary of a single family is part of Japan’s unique culture of “wa”.

After the Meiji government formed in 1868, Japan adopted western cultures and values quickly, becoming a major power in the world. However, this has led to many

Japanese values getting lost. If we continue with these globally standardized values, Japan will be swallowed by a larger power.

We may still be able to still call our country “Japan”, but will eventually have a completely different culture.

Moreover, keeping up this conscripted standard still takes time, money and effort- the economy is made central, in turn politics is centered on economy, and the mass media perpetuates and promotes politics. In return for enduring loyalty from its citizens, a nation is required to protect “their dignity and life”. However,

I am certain that if we continue with the values we have now, Japan will collapse from the inside out. In order for people with different opinions and values to be able to live together, they must “secure food to protect their lives” and have “a value in which they share lives.”

However, the value we currently hold dear, is that money is more important than food.

The desire and value of money is not a good value to have, and we must create something beyond currency, otherwise there will inevitably come the day when we will fight over money and pay with our lives.

That is why we as Japanese people need to value the culture of “wa” and create a so-called “common value” where we can share both lives and money.

However, material objects such as money and food are hard to make into a “common value”, so we must put our ancestral religions of Shinto and Buddhism at the center of our spirituality.

The concept of a “common value” is an important one that transcends the individual’s own values, which is why all should study it.

The spirituality held within Shintoism and Buddhism can become the new global standard. People should be grateful and thank their parents and ancestors for giving them life and pray to both the gods of the natural world and the Gods of the Universe watching over Earth.

People living in developing countries and first world countries share the mutual desire of the continuation of life.

Shintoism and Buddhism spirituality already includes the doctrines of a way of life and death with dignity regarding medical treatment. We should not create a society where we Japanese are the only ones allowed to continue living.  

By using the values found within Japanese psychology and the Shinto and Buddhist religions, we will be able to progress together.

Using these principles, we propose to “share our resources”.

This means that we should help one another regardless of blood-relation. Once you can create connections of principle and value with others, you can create new families, widen your familial circles and allow yourself to live within a family on a local, regional and even national level. Let’s nurture children using a “new family beyond your family.”

We will be able to achieve this by sharing resources and managing funds for effective future use. To illustrate these ideas and values, the Earth Creation 1000 Year Project will begin in 2019. Earth Creation 1000 Year Project Representative 

Amami Kamui 



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